About us

RouteXL is a road route planner for multiple locations. It calculates the best route along multiple destinations. RouteXL displays all your destinations in the most optimal sequence. RouteXL is free for routes up to 20 stops. After upgrading you can optimize up to 150 stops per route.

With an optimized route, you save time and money. Because you use less fuel, your vehicle also emits less CO2. Less travel time, lower costs and lower impact on the environment: that's RouteXL!


Did you ever have to drive along multiple addresses, and determine the fastest order of waypoints yourself? Did you know that for a itinerary with 10 different addresses over 3 million routes are possible? That's quite an indication of how difficult multiple stop routing is…

Mathematicians have tried for years to find a solution. They have even found a name for it: the Travelling Salesman Problem. If you like to solve puzzles, suit yourself. If you'd like some help, please let RouteXL find the fastest route for you, it's faster, better and easier.

Simple and fast

RouteXL is a modern app: online, simple and fast. You add destinations on the familiar Google Maps and click the button “Find Route”. That’s all. To make things even easier, you can also cut and paste addresses from other software programs.

The optimal route is shown on the map and directions can be printed. You can even export routes to your own navigation system, email routes to friends or colleagues, or share your results on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

RouteXL is an initiative of ManagementScience.nl, a company that specializes in improving scheduling, using mathematical and statistical techniques. You will find more information about us on www.managementscience.nl

Open Source

The calculation models for trip optimization could be running background processes by using map data from OpenStreetMap © OpenStreetMap authors, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

  • Austria: Comprises data from the City of Vienna (under CC BY), Vorarlberg en Tyrol (under CC-BY AT with additions).
  • Canada: Contains data Geobase ®, GeoGratis (© Department of Natural Resources Canada), CanVec (© Department of Natural Resources Canada), and StatCan (Geography Division, Statistics Canada).
  • Finland: includes data from the topographic database of the National Cadastre of Finland and other data collections, under the license NLSFI.
  • France: Bevat gegevens van Directorate General of Taxation.
  • Netherlands: © contains data from AND, 2007 (www.and.com)
  • New Zealand: Contains data from Land Information New Zealand. Crown Copyright reserved.
  • South Africa: Contains data from Chief Directorate: National Geo-Spatial Information, copyrights reserved for the State.
  • United Kingdom: Contains data from the Ordnance Survey © Crown Copyright and database rights 2010-2012.

Routes are calculated with the aid of, but not limited to Graphhopper, OSRM or Gosmore. The interface works with Google Maps or jQuery. The icons can be selected from the Map Icons Collection van Nicolas Mollet. Our servers use HHVM.