Best route with stops

RouteXL is a road route planner for multiple destinations. RouteXL finds the best multi-stop route for deliveries, pickups and services. Our smart algorithm sorts addresses to minimize the overall duration of the route.

The optimal route to your destinations saves a lot of time and fuel, lowering costs and emissions. You’ll make faster deliveries, pickups or services, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Drivers will get routes that make sense.

RouteXL takes the hassle out of route optimization and makes it an easy job. Just add your departure location and all destinations to the map, press one button and the route is calculated. Addresses can be easily be imported from many applications, spreadsheets or e-mail, with copy and paste.

The route will be shown on the map and the directions can be printed to take with you. It can also be exported to satnav devices and navigation apps, emailed to friends or colleagues, or shared on social media.

Watch this demo video and you’re ready to go:

Open Source

Our user interface and routing algorithms make use of open data from OpenStreetMap, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF).

  • Austria: Contains data from Stadt Wien (under CC BY), Land Vorarlberg and Land Tirol (under CC BY AT with amendments).
  • Canada: Contains data from GeoBase®, GeoGratis (© Department of Natural Resources Canada), CanVec (© Department of Natural Resources Canada), and StatCan (Geography Division, Statistics Canada).
  • Finland: Contains data from the National Land Survey of Finland’s Topographic Database and other datasets, under the NLSFI License.
  • France: Contains data sourced from Direction Générale des Impôts.
  • Netherlands: Contains © AND data, 2007 (
  • New Zealand: Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand. Crown Copyright reserved.
  • Slovenia: Contains data from the Surveying and Mapping Authority and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (public information of Slovenia).
  • South Africa: Contains data sourced from Chief Directorate: National Geo-Spatial Information, State copyright reserved.
  • United Kingdom: Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2010-12.

For further details of these, and other sources that have been used to help improve OpenStreetMap, please see the Contributors page on the OpenStreetMap Wiki.

Addresses are located on the map using the geocoding services of Mapbox, Photon, BingGoogle, Here, Mapquest and Nominatim. Routes are calculated with Graphhopper, OSRM and Gosmore. Our frontend is build with Leaflet and jQuery.