RouteXL 20

RouteXL 100

RouteXL 200

Up to 20 stops per route * Up to 100 stops per route Up to 200 stops per route
Unlimited routes per day ** Unlimited routes per day ** Unlimited routes per day **
Free geocoding Premium geocoding Premium geocoding
FREE €5 EUR per day or
€35 EUR per month
€10 EUR per day or
€70 EUR per month

* 10 stops in the API
** Fair use policy

Free or paid
RouteXL is free to use when you have not more than 20 addresses per route. To add more addresses per route you need an upgrade. Upgrades allow up to 100 or 200 addresses per route. You can upgrade for a single day, a single month or recurring monthly.

Unlimited routes
For all plans the number of routes per day is “unlimited”. That is, you can plan multiple routes each day. Because the calculations are complex and require many resources a fair-use policy applies.

The free plan uses free geocoding services to find your addresses on the map. These often have an usage limit and/or lower quality (addresses are not found or on the wrong place). The paid plans have premium geocoding services that generally offer better quality.

If you already have an account, go to the subscriptions page to select the upgrade of your choice. If you have no account, you’ll first need to register. Payments are handled by PayPal. Use the free plan to try before you buy, there is a no-refund policy.

If you upgrade via PayPal you will not receive an invoice, as the payment is made on beforehand. You will receive a receipt based on the PayPal account that makes the payment. The receipt can not be changed afterwards. If you need invoices for your business, check our business subscription.

>> Business subscription

Alternatively, business/corporate users can apply for a business subscription on invoice.