Multi stop routes for multiple vehicles

Companies that pick up or deliver goods or services often have more than one vehicle. To find the best multi stop routes for several drivers, we have added multiple round optimization. Also cycling and walking are now supported.

Our amazing route planner was updated today – we’re now at version 6. We have listened to the feedback of our users and the result is again awesome. The interface did not change a lot, but the webapp got many new features and improvements.

These are the highlights:

  • Multiple rounds: optimize trips for multiple drivers, vehicles or days for that matter. The number of rounds can be set in the Options. You can also balance between total travel time and total time to finish all jobs (makespan).
  • Bike and foot: there are more bike couriers out there every day. Route optimization may not save them gas and money, but it will save time and energy drinks. The same goes for walkers. You can select your mode of transport in the Options.
  • Easy fulfillment: a handy list of the ordered stops to fulfill pickups, deliveries or services. Navigate to each stop and when the job is done, remove it from the list and select the next. You’ll find it at the Download button.
  • More nav apps: navigate with turn-by-turn directions using the services from Apple, Google or Waze. Use the general geo: intent to link up third-party gps navigation apps, like TomTom GO.
  • What3words: finding every location on earth with only three words was already supported, now you can also retrieve them for your stops. When the option is switched on, each location gets its corresponding w3w address.
  • History: the button with previous routes is available above the map.
  • OV2 download: can be used on some sat nav’s to import stops as favorites.
  • Print width: no more fixed size, adjust the width of the map to your need.
  • Help button: most dialogs direct link to the new User Manual.
  • Ad-free: ads were removed, making the website load faster and look cleaner.
  • Chinese: the world’s most spoken language is added. 让我们的计划 与站最佳路线
  • Some minor bug fixes

If you have questions or problems, check our support community

20160212 RouteXL v6 fullfillment

Simple and easy fulfillment with the ordered list of jobs