Small truck multi drop route optimization

Update: faster, better, more stops

Our multi drop route planning service has been updated. The new version brings faster optimization, better and larger routes, many improvements and additional features.

Version 7 is faster and better, but it’s not a complete overhaul. Most changes are under the hood. The route optimization algorithm has improved on the speed of the calculations and quality of the routes.

The highlights of this update:

  • The improved algorithm allows us to increase the maximum number of stops in one route. The RouteXL 150 subscription has become RouteXL 200, and will accept 200 addresses in one route. The pricing will not change.
  • Delivery van has been added as new vehicle for routing. This profile has lower speeds compared the normal car profile and access to delivery roads. Weight and size restrictions are expected in future. Choose the small truck at Options > Routing > Vehicle
  • The maximum roundtime can be set. It will be used as a soft restriction in the optimization algorithm when planning a route with multiple rounds, drivers or days. Set it at Options > Routing > Max roundtime
  • Favorite routes can be bookmarked for later use. Save your routes from the history, rename them and add comments. The new Routes button replaces the History button, which has moved into the Routes dialog.
  • Desktop notifications will inform you when the route calculation has finished. While our algorithm runs, you can work on other stuff, email or socialize, and get notified when your route is ready. Enable these at Options > Styling > Desktop notifications

Call from fulfillment

  • The Fulfilment dialog recognizes telephone numbers in the comments. When detected, it shows a Dial button to each destination. This makes it easy to call customers when on the route.
  • The default Print page is more compact, to use less paper and to save trees. But you can tailor the output to your needs. Get more details and set the size of the map by customizing the settings at Options > Print
  • The CSV download holds more data, including arrival times. This file is used to import optimized routes in various third-party software. For that you may need to adapt the delimiter. You can now set it at Options > Styling > CSV delimiter
  • For WEBFLEET users, we have added TomTom’s notifications. The leadtime can be set when exporting orders to a device at Share > WEBFLEET. Telephone number in the comments are also exported to WEBFLEET.

This list is not complete. We’ve made several smaller changes and improvements, updated the frameworks and fixed some rare bugs. If you have feedback on the changes, we’re looking forward to hear from you on our support forum.

Check our the latest update now, find the best route with stops!