Photo CC-BY: yellowbkpk

New version: OpenStreetMap for multi stop routes

We have launched version 5 of our route optimization website. Amazing community build maps are now used throughout the service and a lot of exiting features have been added.

Better and faster routing

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. Created in the UK in 2004, it was inspired by the success of Wikipedia. Since then, it has grown to over 2 million registered users, who can collect data using manual survey, GPS devices, aerial photography, and other free sources.

The mathematical calculations of our multi stop route optimization are executed on separate servers. These were already based on the crowdsourced data of OSM. The website however showed Google Maps, which is based on other sources. Routes that were optimized on one map were redrawn on the other. Differences between the two maps gave ground for many questions and issues.

By switching to OSM maps for the user interface we have synchronized our front- and backend. The route you see is what our servers got in optimization. The routes are not only better, they are also drawn much faster. On a route of 20 stops, we save up to 10 seconds.

More updates

The new version has many more new features and bug fixes. The highlights are:

  • New maps designs, including crystal clear black-and-white and arty watercolor
  • New geocoding services: Bing, Here, Photon, Mapquest and Nominatim
  • Select your preferred geocoder in the Options
  • Add a suffix to addresses you type or import to narrow the search, e.g. “London, UK”
  • List of your recent destinations, with interactive lookup
  • Edit destination time windows, labels and comments in one spreadsheet-like table
  • Show labels on the map
  • Parameters for fuel economy, costs and emissions, e.g. USD $ and miles
  • Speed correction, tweak travel time to match your vehicle speed profile
  • Improved optimization algorithm, better routes and faster calculation
  • Detailed destination maps in driving directions are zoomable
  • Additional download formats: .GPS (gpx tracks) and .TXT (flat files)
  • Export of waypoint orders to TomTom WEBFLEET
  • Share routes via Whatsapp (mobile only)

As always, our support community is available for your feedback


Photo CC-BY YellowBkPk