New route optimization API

RouteXL API Next to our website and apps, we introduce a application programming interface (API): amazing route optimization in the cloud for third-party systems.

Our multi stop route planner is used in 180+ countries across the world. Every day we optimize thousands service, delivery and pickup routes. We save travel time and fuel costs for people that need to visit multiple destinations. We have reduced millions kg of CO2 emissions since we started in 2009.


Route optimization is valuable in many businesses and organizations. To increase productivity, improving effectivity and efficiency, and to be corporate social responsible. However, in-house systems for commercial and logistic operations often miss out on route optimization, due to the complex calculations.

Many professionals come to our website to plan multi stop routes. We understand this and have build in various ways to import locations and export optimized itineraries. Our free format import box is one of the most popular features. Downloads are supplied in various formats. But all require additional actions by users.

Programming interface

With our new API we supply a great building block for third-party software. It allows external access to our sophisticated routing algorithms, without the need to visit our website or use our apps. Systems may send locations directly and the API will return ordered stops for the fastest trip.

The API is free for routes up to 10 locations. Our existing paid premium services allow for more points in itineraries. If you have a subscription with us, you are automatically granted more stops. The number of routes that may be optimized each day is “unlimited”, but a fair-use policy applies.

Get started now? Check out the API documentation


Image: Freekip / CC BY 3.0