Delivering meals more quickly and easily

Multi-stop route planning saves time and fuel, lowering costs and emissions. Finding the best route makes meal deliveries more efficient.

Meals on Wheels is a community-based meal service, that originated in the United Kingdom during the Blitz. For nearly 50 years, Halifax Canada Meals on Wheels has been bringing fresh, nutritious meals to the doorsteps of those who are unable to prepare a meal for themselves.

Optimal routes

“Our volunteers deliver over 1,600 meals each month to the elderly, infirm, disabled, or those recovering from illness, injury or surgery throughout the Halifax, Canada region”, says Risa Lee. Lee and her assistant Beth Nugent oversee all operations.

To accomplish this immense undertaking, the Halifax Meals on Wheels staff coordinates up to 7 routes with 14 volunteers daily. “That’s no easy task! But by using RouteXL, we’re able to create optimal routes quickly and easily, equaling time and fuel savings for our volunteers and the quickest delivery possible to clients.”

If you need assistance getting a fresh and nutritious meal on your table, or would like to learn more about volunteering with Meals on Wheels in the Halifax, Canada region, visit

If you’d like to check out the route planner for your needs, it’s free for routes up to 20 stops and requires no registration. Check it out at