COVID-19: How we continue to help

The global pandemic creates challenges for many people and businesses. You may wonder what our status is. We’ll share that here, and keep this updated in case of changes.

Taking care of our staff

We take the virus very serious and protecting our staff health has the highest priority. We will follow WHO guidelines and respect government measures. We will work remotely more and our office presence will be minimized. This may have some impact on our processes, mostly in terms of speed and capacity.

Keeping our systems running

Our systems are hosted in third-party datacenters. Our main website and database server reside in the Netherlands. The routing algorithm runs on dedicated servers which are in several places, mostly at Amazon EC2. These are scalable and load-balanced. We do not expect problems if usage increases.

This setup has proven to be very stable for the 10+ years that we are in operation. There are many self-checks in the system to keep servers running. If problems occur, we can manage all systems remotely. Development of new functionality will have lower priority. Bugs will be fixed, but we do not expect many, as we haven’t pushed any big update to the live site recently.

Understanding your needs

Demand for route optimization is growing. Many people, shops and businesses seem to start deliveries, pickups and services, or were doing that already and are now increasing the volume. Our free plan -which allows free route optimization for routes up to 20 addresses- will stay free. If you need more stops in one route, a discount for upgrades is available. The coupon code is on our website (check the right side).

On the other hand, your business may be slowing down and you may wish to stop your subscription for now. If you upgraded via PayPal you can unsubscribe on the subscriptions page on our website, or on the preapproved payments page at PayPal. To cancel a business subscription on invoice, please contact us via email.

Supporting our users

Support on our forums and via email will continue to be available. Our staff can work on this remotely but response times may be slower, if consultation and coordination are required, or other tasks take priority. We prefer to have questions posted on our support forums, so more people can benefit. Before you ask support via email, please check the support forums first.

If you have any additional questions or worries, please share them on our support forums. We’ll update this page when new information or insights come available.