Connecting to other systems

Until now destinations had to be entered manually. By typing the addresses, clicking locations on the map or importing addresses in bulk. From now on you can load addresses directly from any software and get the optimal route along all stops.

This article covers our deeplink feature, but we also offer a route optimization API

From the day we started our multi stop route planner service, we’ve had questions for an simple interface to link up with other software. While our API offers seamless integration, it requires quite some advanced programming skills and has less options.

We choose to offer such a simple interface, which allows address finding (geocoding), route optimization and all the nice download and sharing options, by means of a deeplink. This direct link to our system allows you to open the website and add addresses easy and automated.

Our deeplink feature can be a great way to help you, your employees or customers to find the fastest route to multiple addresses. E.g. when you’re a real instate agent and you have houses for sale on your website, you could offer a service to the public to select houses on your website, and redirect them to our planner to find the best route along all properties.

To get the deeplink to work just add the addresses to the URL. These addresses must be urlencoded (spaces as %20 or +, comma’s as %2C) and divided by dollar signs ($). Addresses in the preferred format “street housenumber, zipcode city, state, country” will give the best results.<adres1>$<adres2>$<adres3>$<adres4>

If you’d like to see how the deeplink works, click this link. The link opens a new browser tab, open the website and load addresses to find the best route.

If you’d like to know more about the deeplink and additional features, read our docs